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Reviews for Los Altos Family Chiropractic

Hear what our patients have to say about their success!

Dr. Deb is like family!

In seventh grade during my PE class a specialist came to check all our spines. To my surprise she told me I should ask my mom to find a chiropractor because my spine had a curvature. I’m so glad we found Dr. Deb. She was kind, gentle and able to explain things to me in a way that I understood. The adjustments weren’t scary, in fact I was always relaxed and felt amazing afterward. She worked with me all through Jr. high and high school and I visited her occasionally through my college years too. My back improved to the point of having no noticeable curvature or pain.

When I became pregnant and was getting very close to my due date, Dr. Deb adjusted me and when I stood up from the table I felt the baby drop deeper into my pelvis! Two days later I went into labor and I am confident that the adjustment played a big role in moving things along. I brought my son in for his first adjustment when he was just weeks old. He loved getting adjusted and fell asleep during it! When he was about 4 months old he became constipated and a week had gone by so I called Dr. Deb. After two adjustments he was back to pooping every few days and with regular visits he finally started to go up to three times per day! It was amazing to see how much his overall health correlated with his spinal health. After a visit he always has a “Dr. Deb blowout” a few hours later and he’s so proud of it. I can’t say enough about how wonderful Dr. Deb is and how important she has been for my health, my son’s health and so many other family members. Dr. Deb has become like family to us and I am forever grateful.

~ Rachel, client for 19 years!

My family has been a part of Dr. Deb’s practice for over 16 years.

Deb’s care has enabled me to stay healthy and rebound quickly when injuries occur.  Keeping fit is critical to my success as a corporate executive.  I need to have the stamina to travel, work out, and care for my family.  I count on Dr. Deb to help me perform optimally.

Deb has cared for my sons since they were very small.  In fact, she adjusted James as an infant.  The boys are elite athletes who have benefited from both maintenance and injury treatment.  Los Altos Family Chiropractic has played a critical role in their upbringing.

~ Lee, CFO

Pediatric Chiropractic Care

One of Dr. Deb’s favorite patients is adjusting his dog “Wow-wow”!

Helping my body function better

As a busy executive in the valley, for almost 20 years I have relied on skilled Chiropractors and Massage Therapists to help keep my active body aligned and functioning as well as possible. A move from Evergreen to Los Altos had me searching for new health practitioners. Dr. Mosca’s practice is like no other I’ve experienced–extremely skilled, compassionate, intuitive and personalized. I receive the care I need when I need it, and without being rushed. Dr. Deb and team help my body function better overall, help me manage stress and stay focused, and allow me to maintain my exercise schedule–returning function when I’ve overdone it at the gym. The care in her office is the best and keeps me feeling vital so that I can thrive.

~ Robin

Personal connection with patients

I have known Dr. Deb for about 16 years. She first treated me for some work-related injuries and then helped with some long-standing back and neck issues. I remember after one of the first visits thinking, “Whoa, I haven’t turned my neck that far before.” She is a joy to be around. She exudes care, encouragement and love to all of her patients. She also offers sage advice for caring for your body to strengthen it and prevent further injuries. She keeps one’s whole health in mind. I have not found a healthcare practitioner that is her equal in terms of her expertise, care and personal connection with her patients.

~ Eric

Burst of Energy to my life!

I met Dr. Deb when I was pregnant with my first son seven years ago. A doula suggested that I might have an easier labor and childbirth if I made sure everything was in alignment so the “glide path” to birth would be a straight shot. I had never seen a chiropractor before and knew nothing about it but I was willing to try it! I found Dr. Deb through the Blossom Birth’s website of chiropractors that specialized in maternity care. She was such a burst of energy into my life and a great educator about what chiropractic can do. As it turned out, I had mild scoliosis so needed quite a bit of help to get straightened out.

Fast forward seven years and four sons later–we are still seeing Dr. Deb! She helped me through 3 difficult pregnancies including a twin pregnancy in which I was on bedrest for the majority of the time. I delivered all four boys vaginally thanks to that straight glide path (not really a glide experience, but OK)…

She has treated all four boys within days of being born so that all of their squashed bits from their time inside didn’t stay squashed. None of them ever had reflux or colic and we hardly ever go to the pediatrician. I bring them to Dr. Deb when they show the first sign of getting sick and her work makes any illnesses lighter in severity and shorter in duration. I know any of their rough and tumble play won’t develop into serious injures later on.

Dr. Deb has made a material difference in my family’s life, and I am so grateful to have found her!

~ Linda

Dr. Deb helped improve my golf game!

My wife had gone to Dr. Deb for many years, but I had been reluctant to go. Finally, lower back pain caused me to give it a try. Not only did she help my back, but she even improved my golf game. My neck range of motion is much better so I can make a bigger turn and am playing better than I have in years.

~ Keith K.

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