I have nothing but thanks for the expert care I’ve received from Dr. Taylor and from Zac Moon, Massage Therapist. I sustained a serious neck/shoulder injury that had me sleepless due to severe pain. Over several months Zac’s gentle techniques were able to allow me to move my neck/shoulder without pain and sleep comfortably again. Robyn is also supportive and wonderful. I highly recommend Dr. Taylor’s practice.

Robin T.

The best care ever! I was thankful to find Devin because she was so knowledgeable and I always felt better and well treated for under her care! She is the most thorough chiropractor ever!!

Patty H.

Dr. Taylor is intuitive, kind, and absolutely knows what she’s doing! I had severe, debilitating lower back pain for 6 months before making the first appointment with her, and in less than 3 months of treatment the pain was gone. She is a trusted source of knowledge and inspiration as we continue to work on other body areas that need help. The whole team at LAFC is professional, knowledgeable, and friendly, and I truly feel that they all care about helping me be the healthiest I can be.

Sheri G.