I LOVE everyone at LAFC. From Robin, the receptionist, massage therapists Zack & Sammie, and the wonderful Dr. Rico. The space is clean & relaxing, and they’re doing everything they can to keep patients separated during COVID. Dr. Rico clearly loves what he does, explaining why my body aches the way it does & how I can stretch at home to alleviate that pain. Everyone deeply cares about the patients & it shows. I look forward to my adjustments because I know I’ll leave with more knowledge about my body & I have a newfound awareness about how I move, sit & stand. I’d recommend them to anyone!

Isabella J.

Austin & Taylor have been a huge help for our business needs. My company wanted to offer chiropractic work for our workers and they helped make the process seamless and great. Many of my employees have given great feedback on the experience. Highly recommend.

Great team & great people.

Nile E.

As an athlete my whole life, I have dealt with numerous aches and pains and have seen many chiropractors over the years. Chiropractic work to me was always viewed as maintenance work; feel out of whack, see my chiropractor, carry on for a month or two before revisiting.

It was more of a band aid than a treatment to full recovery. Not only do I feel that my current chiropractic care with Dr. Rico allows me to continue doing all of my activities but it is setting me on the path to do my activities at a higher level. In my experience, Dr. Rico is extremely personal, professional and committed to restoring the quality of my activities. Thank you!

Cameron D.

What a great place!!!!! I have had days where I literally cannot sit up. A life of sports has caused my back/neck to not function super well. Dr. Taylor and her team really help sort me out. They give me exercises to do at home to help strengthen my muscles to support good blood flow and a healthy spine. They also do a great job of prepping you for each adjustment. Way better than some “crack and go” places I’ve been to. If you need a chiropractor, with friendly and knowledgable people, then go here!

Jared C.

Dr. Rico and the team at LAFC are incredible. I’ve been to several chiropractors in the area with little to no relief. After 2 years of chronic and often debilitating pain I found Dr. Rico and within a month he had me back to 100%. He is very thorough in his approach and takes the time to find the issue.

Jason L.

My family loves Los Altos Family Chiropractic! I started going here when I was in my third trimester and they made me feel like family immediately. I was so well taken care of in that important season of my life. Now, I bring my husband and son, and referred my sister too! Dr. Taylor is attentive, so friendly, and really good at her work. We always leave feeling better and equipped to keep caring for our bodies. Sammie does amazing prep work before the adjustment so you know your body will respond well. Robin at the front desk is incredibly gracious and kind and always makes us feel welcome. We love them so much that even though we moved to the East Bay we drive 45 min for appointments, and we always look forward to them!

The rates are so great for the quality of service and they’ve helped us work through some tricky insurance things (the problem is with our insurance, not the doctor’s office!).

Plus, they’ve handled COVID well and we feel really safe in the (beautifully designed) office.

We’ve been to many chiropractors over the years and Los Altos is our absolute favorite!

Sophie C.

Dr. Rico has redefined chiropractic for me.
I drive from Gilroy to Los Altos JUST for my appointments here with him. He listens and cares. He spends quality time loosening and learning prior to adjusting. He does not push any plan commitments. Dr. Rico is ten stars!! I highly recommend him to anyone. He teaches exercises and stretches to do at home to help prevent long term high frequent visits. The support staff is also very friendly and personable.

Erika L.

I have nothing but thanks for the expert care I’ve received from Dr. Taylor and from Zac Moon, Massage Therapist. I sustained a serious neck/shoulder injury that had me sleepless due to severe pain. Over several months Zac’s gentle techniques were able to allow me to move my neck/shoulder without pain and sleep comfortably again. Robyn is also supportive and wonderful. I highly recommend Dr. Taylor’s practice.

Robin T.

The best care ever! I was thankful to find Devin because she was so knowledgeable and I always felt better and well treated for under her care! She is the most thorough chiropractor ever!!

Patty H.

Dr. Taylor is intuitive, kind, and absolutely knows what she’s doing! I had severe, debilitating lower back pain for 6 months before making the first appointment with her, and in less than 3 months of treatment the pain was gone. She is a trusted source of knowledge and inspiration as we continue to work on other body areas that need help. The whole team at LAFC is professional, knowledgeable, and friendly, and I truly feel that they all care about helping me be the healthiest I can be.

Sheri G.