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Meet the Team

When you arrive at Los Altos Family Chiropractic, you’ll feel at home right away in our welcoming environment. Our team is ready with a smile friendly greeting or even an icepack, putting you at ease and making sure we’re doing all we can for you.

Get to know Dr. Deb

Surprisingly, I was planning on becoming a pediatrician or neurosurgeon. I was a pre-med major in undergraduate school before I had my first experience with chiropractic.

I’ve always been driven and ambitious. I’d graduated from high school early and was working two jobs while studying at university and while at work, I bent over, and in an instant something happened in my low back. I was hauled away by ambulance and the Doctor told me I’d have to miss my final examinations the next week, take medications and lie flat until I got better.

I didn’t want to take medications that would affect my cognitive abilities and my dad suggested chiropractic. He’d seen a chiropractor for a golf injury some years before that. I said yes only because I was desperate from the pain.

I saw the chiropractor religiously, going twice a day for about two weeks. I got well enough to make it through my finals. I’d never been exposed to the concept of the body healing itself, and it was mesmerizing.

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Dr. Deb Mosca Chiropractor Los Altos

The impact chiropractic had on my body was a life-epiphany for me.”

Get to know Dr. Karen Lee, Associate Practitioner

Dr. Lee has been practicing with Dr. Mosca for over a decade. She performs examinations on new patients as well as progressive re-evaluations to keep track of patients progress. Dr. Lee executes the personalized rehab program created by Dr. Deb for each patient to include ultra sound, muscle stim, sports taping, personal strengthening exercise programs and extremity rehab (shoulder, elbows, wrists, ankles, knees, feet) physical therapy rehabilitation.

Our team will give you the time and attention you need to feel your best. Contact or email our friendly team today!

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