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Meet Dr. Deborah Mosca

Planning to Be a Medical Doctor

Surprisingly, I was planning on becoming a pediatrician or neurosurgeon. I was a pre-med major in undergraduate school before I had my first experience with chiropractic.

I’ve always been driven and ambitious. I’d graduated from high school early and was working two jobs while studying at university and while at work, I bent over, and in an instant something happened in my low back. I was hauled away by ambulance and the doctor told me I’d have to miss my final examinations the next week, take medications and lie flat until I got better.

Discovering Chiropractic’s Effects

I didn’t want to take medications that would affect my cognitive abilities and my dad suggested chiropractic. He’d seen a chiropractor for a golf injury some years before that. I said yes only because I was desperate from the pain.

I saw the chiropractor religiously, going twice a day for about two weeks. I got well enough to make it through my finals. The impact chiropractic had on my body was a life-epiphany for me. I’d never been exposed to the concept of the body healing itself, and it was mesmerizing.

Finding My Passions

I entered Palmer College of Chiropractic West feeling like I’d discovered a magical process. I still feel that way today. I graduated in 1988 with cum laude honors and bought my first practice before I knew if I had passed my boards.

While at Palmer,I had a devastating car accident. Traveling at 50 mph during impact, I suffered a severe whiplash and significant jaw/TMJ injury, and had to lay on a yoga mat at the back of my classes because I couldn’t sit up. That tragedy made me develop a special interest in accident trauma and whiplash treatment.

It was also during my time at Palmer that I got to pull on my earlier pediatric studies and learned how important it is for pregnant women to get chiropractic care to start their baby’s life off as healthy as possible.

Understanding Your Pain

Chiropractor Los Altos Dr. Debra MoscaExperiencing pain myself, has helped me understand yours. On top of my injuries, I’ve managed an autoimmune disorder for several years, which helps me understand and coach others in the difficulties of everyday life for those with autoimmune disorders. The way these diseases affect our muscular and immune systems is profound. Even without a definitive diagnosis, chiropractic can be highly beneficial to people with these disorders. Additionally, I am knowledgeable about nutrition and exercise that may help you better manage your health.

A patient told me, ‘’You’re a life coach who does chiropractic on the side!” I enjoy developing deep relationships with my patients. Who said this was a mom that I nurtured through her pregnancy and helped her ease into the first few years of her life with her baby.

To help my patients, I have advanced training in the following:

I enjoy attending regular courses, keeping up-to-date on cutting-edge research that proves the effectiveness of chiropractic. I’m also a speaker and resource at Blossom Birth, a community center for pregnant women.

I’d love the opportunity to be your guide in gaining a healthier, more fulfilling life. Contact our office today to get started!

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